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Benefits of Essential Oils was developed to help you learn about essential oils and their benefits without information overload.  Best of all the information is all in one spot.  When our family was introduced to essential oils there were hours spent online searching for basic information about essential oils and how to use them.  There is a lot of information out there but all on several different websites.  Plus, the information was overwhelming and way too much to take in for a newbie.  We like to keep things simple and short but informative as well.

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We really want you to have a great experience using essential oils just like our family has had since we started using them a few years ago.  Also, you will feel good knowing you are leading a more chemical free life for you and your family.  Get started now with these articles:

What are essential oils and how are they used?

10 Essential Oils You Need to Have Now as a Beginner

Carrier oils and why you should use them.

Recipes and blends for diffusers, roller bottles, inhalers, and spray bottles.


Our resource page will have starter kit recommendations, a list of all supplies used for the DIY sprays, roller bottles, inhaler and diffuser recipes, book suggestions, and more.

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